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making stationery, announcements and invitations has been a "hobby" i utilized for our family, but found myself doing more and more for others. my goal is to make beautiful, cost effective paper goods for you and your family and friends. let me know what you like and what your budget needs are, and i will do my best to make something you will be excited to mail!

Monday, October 18, 2010

poster for jude...

these are the opening words from the song my husband wrote for our son. i know, too sweet. it is now framed in his room

also, i'm working on some ideas for Christmas and will be announcing a new name for the business and other exciting news - stay tuned...

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  1. LOVE this, Joy! I think I'll have some business for you soon....I have some ideas for things that I want in the boys' rooms similar to this poster for Jude : ) Love you and miss you so!